My Encounter with the Black Cat (a poem)

The black cat is a symbol of bad luck
Don’t let it pass you in the alleyway
If you see one, you are struck
With a future of despair and decay

I saw a black cat on Halloween night
The feline had yellow eyes like moons
I thought she was a very fearful sight
And I thought of impending doom

The black cat slinked next to my leg
I shook her off and stepped back
She looked up at me and begged
For perhaps a little snack

I handed the black cat a tasty treat
And she devoured it very quickly
Then she cuddled up at my feet
I thought the cat was tricking me

Since seeing the black cat
No misfortune has happened
But I’m waiting for the impact
Because I’m superstitious and old-fashioned

(Photo by Niki Vas on Unsplash)

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