Burn it Down (a poem)

I want to burn it all down
I’m not proud of it
But I must admit
I’m drawn to the destruction
Like a moth to a flame

The death-instinct deep inside
Driving down the highway
Passing the car crash
And turning my head
To see if anyone’s dead

It’s deplorable – this overwhelming urge
And I notice how it surges
And it’s like a scourge
The self-sabotage and the purge
That puts us on the verge
Of tearing everything down

I like to wander late at night
When every shadow makes my heart
Skip two beats on the lonely streets
Each passing person is a ghost
And I remain engrossed
Thinking they will assault me

Jesus came to earth to take on our sins
And when he was crucified
He died and was replaced by
The anti-Christ, who didn’t think twice
About skinning us alive

My friend broke out in hives
When the Dark God arrived
And reminded us all
We’d have to sacrifice our limbs

There’s nothing to fear
But fear itself
And being trapped in hell
And facing the bitter winds
While singing gothic hymns

(Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash – edited by Nick Pipitone)

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