We are the Machines (a poem)

Ensconced inside the machines
I am no longer human now
But part of the digital whole
Hallelujah, my brothers and sisters!

Say a prayer for the internet
And let go of all your worries
And those mistakes you regret
We all have the same disease

The disease is the digital utopia
And I must say, it feels grand
To lay inside the machines
Where my consciousness expands

We are the machines โ€“ look around you
We are tethered to the neon crucifix
On our bodies, you see the tattoos
Of a thousand dying lunatics

The father, the son, the Holy Spirit
Speak the prayer in a new language
No worries if it feels incoherent
It will rid you of your anguish

(Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash)

6 thoughts on “We are the Machines (a poem)

  1. I unfortunately agree that this is the trend, towards becoming ‘machine-like’. But, I also think there are some who still embrace the authenticity of being a human being:)

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