Free Will is an Illusion (a poem)

Free will must be an illusion
None of us are running the show
I spend my days in utter confusion
My instinctual drives I don’t know

What is destiny? What is fate?
Are these things superstitions?
Let’s gather and have the debate
I’ve always had my suspicions

I believe the subconscious deep within
Has more say than we like to believe
And many of our decisions hinge
On things we cannot perceive

What of the Great Almighty?
Is He guiding us like a puppet-master?
Does His hand move us ever so lightly
That we cannot see this factor?

I ask these questions sometimes
Though they have no definitive answers
Perhaps it’s a sign of the times
And we are not truly our own masters

(Photo by Dan-Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash)

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