The Darkness That I Transcend (a poem)

What is this beast that rises from the sludge?
My friend thinks it’s quite amazing
It’s obvious that I have misjudged
The beast’s insatiable cravings

It has swallowed my family whole
In one terrifying gulp
Now it will not let up control
Our insanity is the result

I clutch my rosary in icy-cold fear
And I pray to my impotent God
Hoping the beast will disappear
And all this heartbreak is a façade

But the beast laughs, tells me it’s hopeless
Addiction and mental illness now reign
The beast has total control of us
Our world is now his domain

Years of therapy didn’t quite help
So, I decided to make the beast my friend
Every time the beast rebels
It’s his darkness that I transcend

(Photo by Sepehr on Unsplash)

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