The Pain of Living (a poem)

My skull is packed with worms
They slither and they squirm
But let’s be serious now
Let’s scamper in the streets and prowl

When the machines fell from the sky
I got a burning sensation in my eyes
The satellites crashed through our roof
And the pain of living was quite acute

The preacher told me God was dead
He’d supervised the killing himself
Then he stood up and declared
He was moving to a different realm

The city is burning, it’s in tatters
We’re bombarded with numerous disasters
Masked men tear down city hall
All of this is undoubtedly my fault

It’s all because I failed to pray
And for a moment I had my doubts
The deity thought I did betray
The angry faces in the crowds

The teeming masses rip my body apart
And then they feed on my skull
This society has been marked
With the sign of Lucifer and evil

(Photo by Javi Hoffens on Unsplash – edited by Nick Pipitone)

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