Still Searching for God (a poem)

I’m still searching for God
But have I found Him?
When I pray, He doesn’t respond
So, I sing murder ballads and hymns

God is in the stars
He’s in the grocery store, too
In the face of an old man
In a sunset that’s so true

Really, you can find God anywhere
If you look in the right places
Perhaps She’s in the very air
And in the in-between spaces

So, why do I think He’s missing?
Or that She has abandoned me?
Why do I think She’s unforgiving?
And hands out brutal decrees?

Faith is a funny thing
There’s always a measure of doubt
My belief takes wild swings
It’s never consistent throughout

I’ll continue to look for my God
He’s called Allah and Yahweh, too
But I will not disregard
The questions that make me stew

(Photo by Jens Lelie on Unsplash)

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