Feeling in My Bones (a poem)

The feeling in my bones tells me
Apocalyptic nightmares are coming:
Auburn skies and terrible screams
The human race succumbing
To forces of their wicked natures

But why do I fear this so much?
And why have I fallen for these traps?
Why does my mind always go dark?
Why can’t I just relax?

Down South, billboards told me to REPENT
Along the sides of lonely highways and in between
Rancid truck stops that scared me

A man showed up with a gun on his hip
And the firepower was threatening

Is the apocalypse really coming?
We’ve predicted it for so many years
I refuse to read Revelations because I know
My next manic episode would be soaked
With religious imagery

Instead, in my mania, I go political
And I imagined Russia infiltrating us via online networks
And I rushed to the convenience store to tell everyone
The people had melted faces
And they looked so mean

Is the apocalypse coming?
Probably not
But that won’t stop me
Or the feeling in my bones

(Photo by Marc Wieland on Unsplash)

7 thoughts on “Feeling in My Bones (a poem)

    1. It really is. With my bipolar, I have to be careful about it, too. That’s why I generally stay away from deep reading of politics and the news. It can really drive me off the cliff lol.

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