Because I Miss You (a poem)

The world spins, but you’re no longer here
Over these years, I’ve shed many tears
Because I miss you

When you were with us, you drove me crazy
Now that you’re gone, my mind is hazy
Because I miss you

I didn’t know what grief would be like
I’ve never felt so downtrodden before
I continue to gripe about your loss
I’ve pushed the feelings down to my core
Because I miss you

It’s been three years and it still hits me
Grief attacks like swords in the chest
I can certainly guarantee
They’ll continue and I’ll find little rest
Because I miss you

Nowadays, I simply exist
And go through the motions
My life feels very much adrift
I’m afraid of my emotions
Because I miss you

Maybe heavy grief never subsides
And we learn to live alongside it
Maybe I’ll never see your face again
To these feelings, I must submit
Because I miss you

I miss you in the mornings
I miss you in the twilight
I kept none of your belongings
I’ve lost faith in divine light

I’ll keep missing you forever
The feelings will never fade
My grief is a measure
Of the love you displayed

Because I miss you

(Photo by Claire Kelly on Unsplash)

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