Hauntings in the Dawn (a poem)

Ghosts in this house make no sound
They are only around to watch
Flashing images of my mind
And extract memories from times
I dwell in forsaken chambers

They belabor the process of death
Let’s get it over with, we say,
Let’s kill these emotions during
The bright light of the day –
Instead of waiting for fire-soaked
Nights under harvest moons
And pastures of bitter gloom

I left the hauntings in the dawn
Before groaning turbulence
And climbed a barbed-wire fence
To return to my innocence

No spirits will find me here
In my cocoon of shame,
But it’s all the same, really,
Dreadful year after dreadful year

Shed a tear for the lonely ones
And demons of yesteryear
They find us all eventually
And the process begins in fear

(Photo by Setyaki Irham on Unsplash)

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