Where Does the Eternal Lie? (a poem)

Where does the eternal lie?
Some things can’t be seen with the eyes,
Like infinite doom-loops in my mind
And the everlasting disguise of
Angels and demons

The deity is malicious; he crushes me
Between endless surging waves
On undying shores of violence;
Where does the eternal lie?

Perpetual thrashings from divine fathers,
They are abusive and mean,
Enduring and lean, immortal queens
By their side – Where does the
Eternal lie?

Not where you think, they said,
As they placed my head underneath
The shiny blade, forced me to forsake
All I ever said –
Where does the eternal lie?

(Photo from Wikimedia Commons – Waiting is one of the art work of my MOTHER NATURE series – by Artist Mrinal Kanty Das)

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