Jeff Bezos is in Space! (a poem)

Look up there! Jeff Bezos is in space!
The sun shines off his bald head
Look at the big smile on his face!
He’s always one step ahead

One giant leap for billionaires
And a step back for the rest
To be so rich and without a care
In private space flight he invests

We’re in the brand-new Gilded Age
Where aristocrats do whatever they want
I should probably feel enraged
But instead, I’m laughing as I watch

It all seems so silly and absurd
That there’s so much poverty about
But people like Bezos prefer
To be in space with his lofty bank account

(Photo from Wikimedia Commons – Jeff Bezos Portrait Painting Collage By Danor Shtruzman Using Old Bookpapers, Permanent Marker, Acrylic, Graphite – Size (18) x (11) CM , (7) x (4.5) IN)

Author’s Note: For those of you who missed it (or forgot), Amazon founder and mega-billionaire Jeff Bezos briefly traveled into space in July. I hope this silly poem doesn’t come off as resentful. I do get upset about income inequality, but I’ve more so been fixated on Bezos in space because it seems so absurd to me. However, I still use Amazon quite a lot, so I guess I can’t complain, right?

I was also partly inspired to write this poem by a song by comedian Bo Burnham that I’m slightly obsessed with. On his Netflix special Inside, Burnham featured two incredibly goofy songs about Bezos. Here’s the link below to one of them:

10 thoughts on “Jeff Bezos is in Space! (a poem)

  1. Dave Williams August 23, 2021 / 9:09 am

    A funny beginning, and then reality comes in. The news can come in stark contrasts: Bezos in space, Afghanistan, rise in Covid cases. On some days, I feel better off by not watching/reading any news.

    • Nick Pipitone August 23, 2021 / 9:20 am

      Indeed! Lately, I skim headlines and that’s it. It’s all too depressing

  2. Lucy August 23, 2021 / 9:27 am

    I love this poem, Nick. I find this… event absurd too. I see the comical aspect of billionaires with large rockets going into space, but I’m also pissed off about it.

    “One giant leap for billionaires
    And a step back for the rest
    To be so rich and without a care
    In private space flight he invests”

    I think this speaks my thoughts perfectly. 😂

    • Nick Pipitone August 23, 2021 / 1:33 pm

      Thanks Lucy! 😊 yes, it’s very strange indeed. Having that much money is mind boggling. I get pissed about it sometimes, but I mostly just find it funny.

  3. Terveen Gill August 24, 2021 / 8:31 am

    It really is absurd. But money makes man a charming monkey. And he enjoys monkeying around as he pleases. 🙂

    • Nick Pipitone August 24, 2021 / 8:35 am

      Indeed! I might be the same way if I had that much money, who knows? Either way, it’s fun to crack jokes about the super-rich 🙂

  4. GraceoftheSun August 24, 2021 / 6:09 pm

    Wonderful piece! Excellent image too. Love it!❤️

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