Unbearable Heat (a poem)

The planet is getting hotter
It’s a fact we can no longer deny
Global warming is media fodder
But I believe what they imply

This summer has been a scorcher
Temps in the 90s near every day
The unbearable heat is torture
I look at weather reports with dismay

If I live another forty years
What will earth be like?
Will it live up to our fears?
Will we go down without a fight?

Monstrous storms and terrible heat
Our path can’t be sustained
And I foresee an utter defeat
Of our idiotic human reign

(Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash)

9 thoughts on “Unbearable Heat (a poem)

    1. I agree, Terveen. Kind of scary to think about. And I’m befuddled how people can deny it when all the world’s scientists are ringing alarm bells. Then again, we humans have an excellent capacity for denial (me included).

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