Cat Scratch Fever (a poem)

Songs, tales and myths
Have been told about cats
Cat Scratch Fever

But no one writes about
Twenty-pound dogs fighting
And you ending up in the ER

He’s happy to get in the car
He’s happy for the ride
He is intrigued by the door

There’s something no one tells you
But it’s a secret we pet owners all know
The vet’s office has a distinct smell

So here we sit, for hours on end
At the emergency vet, in a waiting room
Classical music playing but yet he still shits!

Author’s Note: Our dog Nico got into a little tussle recently and sustained a few injuries. Rachel and I dog sit/housesit for a family occasionally and we used to call their dog, Lacy, his girlfriend. Lacy is pretty aggressive toward him sometimes and she went a bit too far and beat him up. Poor Nico.

Rachel took our little buddy to the vet and he had a scratch/ulcer on his eye. He has to wear the “cone of shame” for a couple of weeks and take some eyedrop medication. Needless to say, we think Nico’s little relationship with Lacy may be over!

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