Scoundrels (a poem)

But must I confess how I liked him
Though he pointed the gun at my head
And told me to give up the charade
Of pretending to enjoy this life

He was tall, slender like
The Slender Man, gruff like
People your mother told you
Not to associate with – scoundrels

Who strip you naked because they
Are hungry for what’s in your soul;
Are they jealous? Or do they just
See in your soul luminescence that
Shines from miles away?

Either way, we listened to what he said:
I emptied my soul’s contents
And the pretense of joy-filled existence –
He walked into the haze,
Dreaded summer blaze,
And I’ve never seen him again.

Author’s Note: The first line of this poem is taken from D.H. Lawrence’s poem “Snake.”

(Photo from Wikimedia Commons – Paula Klien (artist) –

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