Why the Riddle? (a poem)

Why the riddle?
When we get to the end,
Will the Divine face be revealed?

Or will there be another riddle
Inside of the inside joke
That’s life on this planet?

Let’s peer inside, let’s abide
To directives of love;
Maybe then, a light will shine
From above, and stop us
From digging the crater
That consumes great
Urban centers.

The Divine face is ugly,
We must admit,
To be free from illusion
When the only thing we
Hold onto is our delusions.

They laugh like hyenas
At the inside joke
we’re ignorant to,
Until they’re blue in faces
And we rummage places
For food and rations.

Riddles aren’t meant to be solved,
we slowly dissolve,
And nurture the soil,
the Earth doesn’t need us,
we die asking questions,
we don’t want
answers to.

(Artwork by Jahir903 – Wikimedia Commons)

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