Burn the Carnival Down (a poem)

At the carnival, I worry the high-fliers
Will fall, exposing us all to the ugly truth
That we’re centimeters away from
Death and decay – we’ll bury the performer
Below, but we’ll have nothing to show
For the bravery he put on display –
The sad clowns will cry and terrify
The children, and the madmen will laugh
And be locked in cages like Hunger Artists,
But, hey, tell me, who will save us?

No one’s here – just you and I, and
The eyes in the sky, and the one-eyed
Elf in the burning circus tent
With his pent-up rage from ages
Of self-abuse, and my father takes
Me home, but my life is changed,
I became a man today, I know
Mortality now, a passing glimpse,

It’s such a hideous pimp,
And I’ll remember this day,
When there was nothing left
To say – except burn the carnival down,
Jump in the ocean, and drown.

(Photo by Max Letek on Unsplash)

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