Black Magic (a poem)

Where did you learn black magic?
You’ve put me under your spell
The look on your face is so tragic
My fortune, you did tell

Where did you learn black magic?
You give off witchy vibes
Your sexuality is volcanic
You have those bedroom eyes

Where did you learn black magic?
You know forbidden secrets
You’re just so enigmatic
You know all of my weaknesses

Please teach me this black magic
I want to know what you do
I’ll live a life that’s nomadic
As long as it’s with you

(Photo by Ksenia Yakovleva on Unsplash)

6 thoughts on “Black Magic (a poem)

  1. So beautiful and darkly romantic! I really love the repetition too, it adds into the chilling, haunting feel of this piece that makes it both mystic yet alluring in its overtones. Another beautiful poem, Nick, I always enjoy reading your work.

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