Born Again (a poem)

I walked on a cold, misty night
Reflecting on my life thus far
I have given my life to Christ
Made wishes upon shooting stars
When released from behind bars
You could say I was born again
I’m better, but still have the scars
From a life devoted to sin

Author’s Note: This poetic form is a Huitain, which is a derivative of the French ballade. A Huitain is a complete 8-line poem composed of one ballade stanza, according to Writer’s Digest. The rules are to use an 8-line stanza, usually 8 to 10 syllables per line, and a rhyme scheme of ababbcbc.

As for the content of the poem, it’s mostly fictional. I did have somewhat of a “born-again” experience when I got sober, and I do believe in Christ. However, I was never in jail and I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m a devoted Christian. Really, I was inspired by the picture and began writing and just let the words and rhymes flow as they may!

(Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash)

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