Dead Souls (a lune)

Mist hangs in the air
Snowy ground
Dead souls speak to me

(Photo by Viktors Kozers from FreeImages)

Author’s Note: This poetic form is a Lune, which I learned about on the Writer’s Digest Website. Writer’s Digest has an excellent page with a list of 168 poetic forms to try. I’ve been going through and trying some of them at random, and it’s been a fun exercise.

The Lune is also known as the American haiku and was first created by poet Robert Kelly. It consists of three lines (like the haiku), but with the first line at 5 syllables, 3 syllables in line two, and 5 syllables in line three.

As for the poem, I was inspired by the photo, which I think is a great one. Very gothic!

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