Sending up a Prayer (a poem)

Sending up a prayer – way up in the air
Pleading with God – will He respond?
He’s quiet at first – this feels so forced
But the prayer changes me – can’t you see?
I begin to let go – at first, it’s very slow
My worries remain – at least for today
I don’t expect magic – or to feel ecstatic
My faith is hard-won – once, I came undone
From that I learned – not everything’s absurd
While it may seem so – it takes time to grow
Into spiritual maturity – certainly not purity
Life’s never perfect – the future, we can’t predict
But spirituality helps me – it makes me feel free

(Photo by Ave Calvar on Unsplash)

Author’s Note: This poetic form is called Echo Verse, which I discovered on the Writer’s Digest website. With Echo Verse, the rules are pretty simple – repeat the ending syllables on each line. The poem itself is about my current view of faith and prayer. Thanks for reading!

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