A Visit from the Angel (a poem)

The angel visits me.

Shocking sound, vast colors, she’s suffused in light. A messenger, her words deeply stirring. Her face purest yellow, shining,

smiling, brings ease, a luminosity

She says everything
Will be all right,
All’s well, all shall be well,
All manner of things
Shall forever be well,

Like Julian said
Centuries ago

Vision of the angel stimulates my soul. Celestial caretaker comes to my bedside, rubs away my tears, takes away my fears

Light radiates the room
Eradicates doom
Flowers in bloom
Twilights of summer
Solitary streets
The angel visits me

All will be well.

(Photo from Wikimedia Commons – English: Graphic design of a fantasy angel. Source: By David S. Soriano)

Author’s Note: Yesterday, I shared a poem about the grim reaper and suicidal ideation. Today, I wanted to share something more hopeful – a visit from an angel. I wrote this poem a few days after writing the grim reaper poem in an attempt to summon the good, hope, and light that often emerges from dark times. I feel that by traveling the dark road that comes up sometimes, I am often surprised and delighted by the good times.

9 thoughts on “A Visit from the Angel (a poem)

  1. This is so beautiful, serene and, as you said, hopeful. You make a great point about how on the path of “darkness”, there is always a hope waiting for us. It does often surprise.

    Very beautifully written, I enjoyed reading this. The images are fascinating.

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