Moon and Sun Love (a poem)

The moon is the queen, sky mother
The sun is the king, sky father
They love and they need each other
I pray, seeking to uncover
The secrets of their true wonder
How they shine, oh, so brilliantly
How they love us, yes, distantly
They make love during their eclipse
See the bright touching of their lips
Their love endures, persistently

(Photo by Martin Adams on Unsplash)

Author’s Note: This poetic form is known as a Décima, which is popular in Puerto Rico and other parts of Latin America. A Décima has ten lines, eight syllables per line, and a rhyme scheme that goes like this: ABBAACCDDC. According to Writer’s Digest, the Décima is often sung and improvised. People who write and perform Décimas are known as decimistas or deimeros.

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