Are You Ready for Summer? (a poem)

Are you ready for summer?
And days that burn bright and hot?
This year will be like no other;
fears of the virus are naught

We’ll go to the beach and swim,
get the sand between our toes
We’ll live our lives by a whim,
we’ll strike a confident pose

I am ready for summer,
will you come along and join?
it’s a season of wonder,
and it will not disappoint.

(Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash)

Author’s Note: This poem is an ae freislighe, an Irish form that I read about on the Writer’s Digest website. The ae freislighe uses quatrain stanzas with seven syllables per line. Lines 1 and 3 and lines 2 and 4 rhyme together. According to the site, one can use as many stanzas as they like. I don’t think I did the form perfectly, but I gave it shot.

Also, I decided to write about summer because on Memorial Day I was planning a beach trip with my family. Summer actually isn’t my favorite season – I’m one of those contrarians who like the colder months. But there are great things about every season! And I’m looking forward to summer activities.

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