The Purple Room (a poem)

The purple room in my dreams,
where does the door lead?

I wake before reaching beyond,
I shake when thinking of it

This purple room, open and free,
with the purple people,
who are all just like me

Purple people eaters? I think not.
More like purple dream-creators,
infiltrating every dream on the block

We all end up in the purple room,
it’s a bit like heaven and hell

I like it very much in the purple room,
it’s the place where we all dwell.

(Photo by Jesse K. on Unsplash)

Author’s Note: I used an image prompt to write this rather silly poem, finding the purple room photo above on Unsplash. I was also prompted somewhat by a post by Ashley at Mental Health @ Home about “purple people eaters.” Ashley’s post is about the bizarre tenants of manifestation and the laws of attraction in the mental health world, and my poem here doesn’t really address that. I just liked the image of “purple people eater”!

3 thoughts on “The Purple Room (a poem)

  1. Love it! Now the profound philosophical question is, is it a people-eater that happens to be purple, or is it a monster that eats purple people? Deep stuff…

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