The Old Family Farm (Happy Earth Day)

Today I wanted to bring you a photo of my family’s old farm. These 250 acres of the family farm land in Pelham, TN, is where I spent a lot of my time growing up and where I learned a lot about food. My Mutsi had a tiny vineyard where we could pick the grapes to make jam. My Papa had a little garden out front where we could collect veggies for our salads and other side dishes.

Most of the farm was rented out. There were either horses or cows in one field, cotton on part of the land, and more corn than you could imagine in a few of the other fields. I remember at Thanksgiving the corn being taller than me and borrowing some to finish off our meal.

The farm also had a little creek, pushed up against the Appalachian mountains and plenty of fields to lose yourself in. There was wildlife, both prey, and predator, as well as a few farm dogs. Oh, and I can’t forget the chicken farm was there too – so a whole bunch of chickens.

So many of my childhood memories are focused around that family farm. And on Earth Day, I like to take a moment and really take in how much nature is all around us. From being outdoors splashing in the creek, running through fields full of wheat. To being inside our homes that were made from the trees of the earth. So much of what we have and what we do is because of what the earth has provided for us. And of course, all the food we eat that was grown from the ground – that either we eat or was eaten by the animals we eat.

So, today – while you are scrolling through your social media feeds, laying in bed reading a book, or eating a delicious meal – remember to be thankful for the earth. And remember to protect it so that our grandchildren have these beautiful experiences and memories to look forward to.

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