Music Friday: The band OM

It’s more stoner rock for Music Friday this week. After writing for a site called Monster Riff for a bit, I’ve been digging a lot of newer rock bands. This week, I’m highlighting a band I’ve been slightly obsessed with for the past few months: OM. It’s a weird name, I know. I believe it’s supposed to be representative of the sound made during chanting meditation, as the band has written plenty of songs with spiritual and mystical themes.

OM was formed in 2003 by two members of the heavy rock band Sleep (after Sleep had disbanded in 1997). As Pitchfork says in one review, OM is a band that plays heavy rock music with a lyrical emphasis on heavy themes, like God, the universe, and other stuff you probably think about when very stoned. Or, if you’re in recovery and a dork like me, you think about these things too much anyway.

OM has released five studio albums over the years, though their most recent album was all the way back in 2012, entitled Advaitic Songs. This most recent album is probably my favorite of the band’s, as it incorporates all sorts of different instruments, includes ritual chanting, and, of course, the heavy and beautiful bass lines.

One more thing to note: OM is also known for playing a legendary five-hour concert in Jerusalem, which they released portions of in a live album. Al Cisneros (bassist and lead singer) told an interviewer the band had visited several holy sites that day, which inspired the divine jam session. Cisneros told the interviewer he was so in the zone, it felt like only 45 minutes had passed during the five-hour concert. Cool stuff.

Check them out!

Here’s a really cool fan video of OM playing their song “Gethsemane.” Enjoy!

(Cover photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash)

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