Music Friday: Mythic Sunship

One of the things that’s been keeping me occupied during the pandemic is music. Spotify is a wonderful thing, and I’ve been devouring different types of music during workdays. Rachel is annoyed by it because I’ve been making massive playlists and, at times, getting a tad bit manic with it. But it’s fun, and I haven’t gone full-blown manic, so it’s okay.

So, I’m thinking about a new weekly post called “Music Friday” where I’ll shine a spotlight on a band I’ve been listening to. In this inaugural edition, I offer you the psychadelic sounds of the Danish band Mythic Sunship. I stumbled upon these Copenhagen rockers recently and I haven’t been disappointed. Part of the band’s name derives from John Coltrane’s 1971 record Sun Ship, so there’s one music legend who has influenced them. Indeed, Mythic Sunship’s long jams have many wandering saxophone solos that are reminiscent of Coltrane in his later years.

But it’s not just Coltrane and other free jazz legends like Sun Ra that Mythic Sunship channels. The band has been releasing music since 2014 and they also combine elements of heavy rock, doom rock, and general psyched-out madness. In the live video of them I share in this post, there’s not much jazz – it’s really just all-out heavy rock. It’s bands like Mythic Sunship that get me excited, because they combine so many different genres into one melting pot of awesome-sauce.

Their most recent album – Changing Shapes – was released in 2020, and it consists of five tracks and clocks in at 47 minutes. I suppose you could slap a “stoner rock” label on Mythic Sunship, but you don’t have to be stoned to like ’em. It should also be said this is an instrumental band, so don’t expect any vocals. It’s great music to put on while working or generally spacing out.

Check them out!

Here’s a link to Mythic Sunship performing live in Copenhagen in 2017:

Happy listening!

(Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash)

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