The Bridal Chamber (a poem)

you welcome me into

the bridal chamber,

looking ravishing

white sheets against your pale skin

the nightingale sings

of our love

I feel a fire in my loins

the nightingale cries out erotically

my blood pumps

my juices flow

as I walk closer to you

this tender embrace

this skin on skin

this scent of passion

is glorious

your skin smells of honeysuckle

mine is of cedar and smoke

from the harsh northern winter

here, on our wedding night

we become one

stars dance, the river flows

there is peace

the yin and yang unite

angels sing as we fall into

each other’s arms

pleasure expands our minds

it feels so right, so pure

husband and wife, together

whispering sweet nothings

in the bridal chamber

(Photo by Kimberly Fowler on Unsplash)

Author’s Note: This is a collaborative poem between Rachel and I. She wrote a stanza and then I wrote a stanza. It’s been a fun little activity to do together. We got the idea of writing about the bridal chamber and a wedding night from Merriam-Webster online’s word of the day from Feb. 14, 2021, which was “prothalamion.” The word means a song in celebration of marriage, and it was invented by the English poet Edmund Spenser when he devised a nuptial poem.

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