Rock the Vote! (a prose poem)

Get out and vote like your life depends on it! It just may, you say, as we shimmy and shake into dreadful October daze, lost in a maze of misinfo, throwing our weight behind causes, coalitions, fighting a collapsing system with credit cards –

– get that Amazon Prime delivery straight to your door, before November third, when the third rock from the sun glitters in the galaxy from light years away with bloody-red shouts heard in the coldness of the space race –

– landing on Mars, far from Elon Musk, who we’ve left behind to Wall Street speculators who carved up his remains like carnivores and found microchips inside the size of motherboards!

Whoa! Slow down, man, make a plan to vote to bring a sense of control to this disarray, fill the hole in your soul with democratic values and a cardboard cutout of your favorite politician’s face –

– trademarked by a shell company right here in the US of A!

(Photo by visuals on Unsplash)

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