Belly Full of Flames (a poem)

i was careless with feelings

in my youth –

wolfing from bed to bed

only staying long enough to

get what i relished,

receding into ink-black nights

like a haunting, feeling guilty

but rationalizing

great bonfire in my belly

overbearing urges that were insatiable,

until a red-haired woman tore me down,

dared to pierce my shoddy shell

leaving me in ruins

tears hotly flowing from

reddened cheeks – speak

to me, am i forgiven for this?

or do these sins follow me like

overcast skies

a karma that prevents my entry to paradise –

gates slammed shut

me, stranded above a rain cloud

riding a crystal-white thunderbolt

down into solid cement

a million miles below

(Photo by Sagar Chaudhray on Unsplash)

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