We Refuse (a protest poem)

this orange-faced goblin

beckons me to be violent

I refuse

keep yappin’, Mr. Yapper

spit your lies

cover the eyes

of the faithful who

follow you to an abyss

I refuse

you want me to wail

to call you names

to get down & mud wrestle

with political pigs

but I’ll retain decency,

conscience, altruism

take the higher road

not fight this fire

with more inferno

lay down on the lawn

I refuse!

you can take what we own

decimate our bodies

try to ruin our minds

but you can’t take the essence

of me

or the rest of us


(Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash)

Note: This poem is inspired by a prompt on dVerse about Protest Poetry. The prompt made me think of nonviolent protest movements, how the movement had people submit their bodies to the harshness of illogical authorities and governments. It also made me think of our current U.S. president and the sheer madness of American politics at the moment.

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