Beware of the Apartment People (a poem)

The people in this apartment complex are so nice!

They smile, ask how I’m doing

I can tell they mean it by their bright eyes,

gentle body language, the way they speak of

this complex as a community.

But why does it seem so strange?

Behind these pearly-white smiles,

are they planning my demise?

As the weeks go by, I gaze into their eyes

and I’m not surprised – there are flickers of cruelty,

their lips curl at the corners in wicked grins,

they beckon me to the basement one blustery night,

lock the door, whack me to the floor,

dance violently, moan and chant, covered in gore,

talk of the coming deluge that’ll destroy humanity.

I’m trapped now, no one to save me,

so if you read this, take it as a warning to

think twice about these nice smiles,

remember that inside every utopia,

there are seeds of evil –

beware of the Apartment People.

(Photo by Eryka on Unsplash)

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