You Owe it to Your Future Self (a drawing)

Here’s another one of my art therapy drawings. I did this one about a month ago – I like the green color scheme. I also used my favorite self-affirmation at the bottom, which I’ve written about here before.

I read something about psychological trauma recently that made me think about how valuable art therapy is. The quote was from the Mental Health @ Home blog from a review of a book called The Body Keeps the Score. The review mentions how some believe things like yoga, art therapy, and just art in general may be more effective at resolving trauma issues than more tried-and-true methods like CBT therapy.

This makes sense to me. When I’m doing drawings like these, or writing, or exercising, my adverse emotions seem to clear up much better. I use CBT therapy techniques, too, but they don’t seem to work as well for me. With CBT, it feels like I’m trying to think my way out of bad spots.

Anyways, I love the affirmation, “You Owe to Your Future Self.” I’ve been using it a lot lately. I’ve been thinking about my goals and plans for the future a lot, and this affirmation keeps me focused during bad days.

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked the drawing.

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