Such a Silly Dog (a poem)

Poor little Nico, he’s a silly dog.

He scratches himself all day,

howls whenever we go away –

I see him after I’ve been gone,

he wags his tail, greets me at the door, asks,

“Where have you been?”

He sleeps under the bed now,

his fortress, there in the dark

like a lazy pup.

He’s a silly dog.

Nico needs a haircut –

strings of hair cover his silly eyes,

we want to see that silly face, get rid of

that fur during this summertime heat.

Poor little Nico, he’s a silly dog.

3 thoughts on “Such a Silly Dog (a poem)

  1. ashleyleia July 22, 2020 / 10:45 am

    Silly pets are the best kind!

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