Fallen Angels (a poem)

Satan rebels and fallen angels follow him

to the underworld – wings clipped, eyes ablaze

with red like the demons they are.

Stand atop this holy hillside and survey the city –

if you are the Messiah, then prove it.

God has won these battles, but the war

is far from over. Look at the world, tell me,

do you see the will of God?

Look in the slums,

in the wickedness of men’s eyes,

then ask yourself:

Does this battle still not rage on?

(Photo by Dev Asangbam on Unsplash)

Note: This poem was inspired by Paradise Lost, the epic poem published in the 17th century and written by John Milton.

3 thoughts on “Fallen Angels (a poem)

  1. Very powerful, Nick! It spoke to me! I don’t see God’s will in suffering, hunger, war, homelessness and pain. I see the failure of humankind to caretake each other and the earth. The battle rages on. Peace upon you, MW 🙏

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