Mrs. Dalloway’s Mind (a poem)

I step inside Mrs. Dalloway’s mind:

it twists, turns – I’m lost in the maze,

as she spills thoughts on the page –

a link to her consciousness;

it’s a stream that overflows,

breaks embankments, floods my psyche

‘till I put the book down,

lest my mind goes manic and

doesn’t come back.

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Note: This poem was inspired by Mrs. Dalloway, the classic novel by Virginia Woolf. I’m reading it now, and I love it, but I’ve had to put it down a couple of times because I felt like it was triggering a manic episode.

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  1. This is a magnificent poem, Nick! ”Mrs. Dalloway” is one of my favourite novels, and you’ve described its effect on the psyche masterfully!

    ”it twists, turns – I’m lost in the maze,
    as she spills thoughts on the page…”

    Indeed, reading the stream of consciousness style often feels daunting, especially in Woolf’s works, where the effects of mental illness are often described so vividly!

    As someone who is struggling with mental health, I’ve felt a profound connection to Septimus and his thoughts, so reading these passages was more therapeutic than unsettling.

    • Thank you, Veronica! I can totally relate. It was the first time I read Mrs. Dalloway, or anything by Virginia Woolf. I loved it. I’m going to read it again for sure.

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