Hangin’ in Old City (a photo)

I love Philly. I grew up in the area, and I have a lot of pride in the city. Philly has an incredible Mural Arts program that funds and creates beautiful murals throughout the city. There’s also tons of random art, like this wall of graffiti near a parking lot in the Old City neighborhood.

Old City is a small district of Philly that sits right by the bridge to New Jersey and the Delaware River. It’s a fun part of the city and is home to tons of history. If you ever visit Philadelphia, you’ll probably end up in Old City at some point during your stay.

Why? Because Old City is home to Independence Hall, the famous Liberty Bell, and the Betsy Ross House. Those are all top tourist attractions.

Old City also has great restaurants, parks, public parks, a couple of great indie movie theaters, and my favorite used book store.

I took this photo with Rachel in the fall of 2018 during a little photo adventure. We keep saying we’ll do more photo adventures, but we just haven’t (we need to, though!)

I’ve always been drawn to graffiti, which is why I love this picture. Some graffiti is an eyesore, but some is quite beautiful. This display is cool because each time I look at it, I see another funny message.

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