Happiness and Silliness

Have you ever loved someone so much that a part of you feels missing when you are away from them? It’s not a co-dependency matter, but like you’re missing something without them?

I go back and forth about believing in soulmates. I definitely don’t think I need someone to be my other half, to complete me. But the feeling he gives me is that he enhances me. He brings out the best parts of me – even the parts he hates and likes to coyly say “agitator” to, in an attempt to not get too upset over my little annoyances.

I am whole, I am perfectly me by myself, and I can get by on my own. But the one I love makes the world brighter, brings new things and colors into focus, and makes me even more of myself.

How can he do that if I’m already a whole self without any need for a soulmate? I don’t know exactly how it works. It is absolutely not physics or anything that can be truly figured out. But it’s magic, or God, or something else that is ineffable. Whatever it is, it brings happiness and silliness into my life. It causes me to laugh uncontrollably at my own silly/stupid jokes and sit obsessed in reading books and his own short stories.

I am my own whole person, and he is his own whole person. We don’t complete each other, but we make each other better. Neither of us needs the other to survive, but imagining life without him is a much less happy and a much less colorful world that I would never choose to live in.

(Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash)

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