Love in Philly (a photo)

Here’s a picture I took last night while walking around the city with Rachel. It was nice to see this after all the violence and chaos that’s been in the news lately. Many of the protests in Philly have been much more peaceful lately, after starting off with a lot of tension.

Rachel and I saw this in the Fairmount neighborhood of the city. They call Philly the “City of Brotherly Love,” and it really is. I’ve mentioned to Rachel before how people seem more friendly in Philly than in the surrounding suburbs. I’m not sure why that is, but it’s something I’ve noticed.

It’s been weird being out in public a little more the past week or so. Rachel and I have been wearing masks and being cautious, and I don’t feel as scared as I did when the pandemic first started.

Hope you feel the love from this photo!

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