My book review of ‘The Plague’ is published!

About a month ago, I posted a review of The Plague by Albert Camus. It’s now been published in Bewildering Stories, along with an accompanying review by Don Webb, the website’s managing editor.

Here’s a link to the review as it appeared on the blog in May.

As I say in the review, I was excited to read The Plague and very interested in the novel after seeing an essay online. In a strange way, I felt the book offered me some comfort as we go through this pandemic.

Here’s a link to the review in Bewildering Stories. And here’s a link to the “Critic’s Corner” piece about the novel by Don Webb. Don’s short review is great, and I learned a good deal of information about Camus and the novel.

Also, if you’re a fiction writer or poet, be sure to check out and support Bewildering Stories. The web magazine is a great place to submit for beginning writers, or writers at any level, really.

(Cover photo from Wikimedia Commons – Rue Albert Camus (Lyon)).

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