A Blindfold and A Hand

Love and trust go hand in hand. Can you love someone without trusting them? Can you trust someone without at least the smallest bit of love? I think either of those would be hard.

Many people love, but don’t trust. We’ve been hurt by our pasts, we’ve been hurt by those we loved. Sometimes we’ve been hurt by those society tells us we should love us the most, the ones who should do anything for us.

Love is not easy, nor is trust. Love, at times, is placing a blindfold on and giving your hand to another person for them to lead you through the muck of life. And at times, love is you being the guide for someone else.

Of course, there will be times you trip over your own feet, sometimes you are led down a wrong path. Sometimes things happen that make you think of how your past loved ones led you down a path you had to fight to get out of.

This is where trust comes in.

Love – the real thing, the type that gets pleasure out of making you a better person – is worth trusting. It’s definitely hard, there will be times when it’s so pure you’re scared of it. But if you have love, love that lifts you up and makes you better – that love is going to fight harder than you’ve ever seen to get yourself out of the muck.

(Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash)

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