Nico at the Synagogue (a photo)

I miss this doggie! Here’s a picture of Nico, the adorable little dog who just turned seven and whom I haven’t seen since the pandemic started.

This photo was taken on March 1st – a couple weeks before the coronavirus shut down everything. My girlfriend, Rachel, teaches religious school in New Jersey, and I brought Nico in one day so we could show him to the kids.

It was a fun day. Rachel used Nico to teach the kids some Hebrew words – Nico knows some Hebrew, German, and Italian words. He knows one Italian word – mangia (which means “to eat”). My great grams used to say “mangia! mangia!” a lot before we had dinner.

I miss Nico and can’t wait to see him and Rachel again soon. That’s been the hardest part of the pandemic so far – being separated from them. When it’s safe to do so, we also need to get him a haircut!

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