‘Doomsday Playlist’ is published!

The Drabble recently published a piece of micro-fiction I wrote called, “Doomsday Playlist.” The very short story is about the feelings I had while spending some time in South Philly when my girlfriend lived there. In particular, it’s about gentrification and how I could feel tension in the neighborhood.

I had originally wrote “Doomsday Playlist” as a poem that I published on this blog. I re-worked it into a micro-fiction story and submitted to The Drabble. Here’s a link to the story.

There’s a lot of gentrification going on in Philadelphia, like a lot of big cities in America. It’s a weird situation – the neighborhoods seem to be improved, as they get cleaned up and new houses are built. But there’s a downside to it, as well. Many poorer people – especially minorities – can no longer afford to live in the neighborhoods, and they get kicked out, essentially.

I could see this happening in the part of South Philly where my girlfriend lived. There were construction crews everywhere and I could the neighborhood changing. With the change came tension, it seemed.

Also, check out The Drabble. It’s a pretty cool WordPress site that publishes a piece of micro-writing every day in all types of genres. It could be poetry, memoir, horror, etc. The catch is each story or piece has to be less than 100 words. Up for the challenge? Why not submit something then!

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