Southern Gothic

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. I’m a big fan of podcasts, though I don’t binge-listen to them much because I’m usually devouring books.

My favorite podcasts are offbeat and fictional dramas, such as Welcome to Night Vale, Alice Isn’t Dead, and Rabbits. About a year ago, I also listened to a few episodes of a history podcast called Southern Gothic.

Southern Gothic is themed history show where each episode delves into a different dark legend or story in the American South. Each episode is usually around 30 minutes, the scripts are well-researched and well-written, and the music and soundscapes are eerie and cool.

I told my girlfriend I had listened to Southern Gothic a few times about a year ago, and she said she knew the guy who created and produced it. During our trip to Tennessee last month, we had lunch with Brandon (the creator) and he took us on a little historical tour of Franklin, a suburb outside of Nashville.

Brandon and I hit it off and we started talking about podcasts, Southern Gothic, writing, history, and possible ideas for his show. Now, we may develop a novel idea my cousin and I came up with into a fictional podcast.

Southern Gothic’s most recent episode explores the history of New Orleans’ beautiful cemeteries, also known as “Cities of the Dead.”

I’m excited! My cousin came to me with the novel idea about a year ago and, while I’ve done tons of research, I procrastinated on starting any actual writing. Now with the podcast idea, I feel inspired to hit the keyboard and crank out some scripts.

The lesson for me is the power of networking, the authentic kind at least, not the please-give-me-a-job-whoever-you-are kind. Since I’m such an introvert, I’ve always struggled with networking.

I also wanted to write this post to recommend Southern Gothic, if you’re the type of person who likes podcasts. Brandon’s description of the show on their website is much better than mine:

Southern Gothic is an independently produced documentary-style podcast exploring the eerie legends and dark history of the American South.  New episodes of this uniquely spooky podcast, written by siblings Brandon and Bryanne Schexnayder, are released every fortnight. Subscribe now to experience the dark atmospheres and fiendishly realistic soundscapes unparalleled in the podcasting world today. “

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