‘City of Dogs’ is published!

My short story, “City of Dogs,” has recently been published by Bewildering Stories. I’m happy to report that this is my first published piece of fiction. 

The story centers around Cindy, a single mother who lives in a poor neighborhood in Dallas. She’s stuck in life, and she fears for her teenage son, who’s addicted to heroin.

Cindy works for the city’s Animal Control agency, which is trying to contain a massive stray dog problem that’s plaguing poor neighborhoods.

Here’s a link to the story.

I was inspired to write the story when I began reading about the very real stray dog problem in Dallas. I’ve also experienced addiction first-hand in my family, and I could relate to Cindy’s struggle.

If you get a chance, check out Bewildering Stories (BwS). It’s a great online magazine of fiction and poetry. It was also great to work with them.

Unlike other magazines I’ve submitted to, BwS gave me direct and helpful feedback on the stories I submitted – instead of just a form letter.

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